"After my hip replacement in October, staff and nurses were the best. Thank-you!"

John V

"The hospital has been there for my family and I want it to be there for many more."

Carolyn and Robert R.

Current Needs:

Needs for 2019 – 2020

  • GBHS uses an extensive capital process to prioritize needs
  • Only the highest priorities receive funding
  • Government funds less than 10% of medical equipment
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Equipment plays a critical role at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital. It allows doctors, nurses and technical staff to offer the latest in tests and procedures to patients from across the region. Having services available here can make a lifesaving difference! A well-equipped Hospital also saves patients from having to travel to larger centers for medical care, and it helps us to recruit and keep doctors and other medical professionals here.

Women & Childcare


$15,000 needed

Mammography Reporting Monitors

Radiologists’ Reporting Monitors replacement

$45,900 needed

Tomosynthesis Operating Platform

Mammography Tomosnthesis operating platform

$102,000 needed

Giraffe Infant Warmer

Getinge giraffe infant warmer

$45,203 needed

Infant Warmer

Five Infant warmers required

$216,410 needed


Glucometer Replacement

Corporate glucometer replacement required.

$40,876 needed.

Outpatient Lab Renovation

Outpatient blood collection renovation

$76,000 needed

Susceptibility Analyzer

$51,000 needed.

Medical & ICU

Palliative Care Room Reno

Palliative Care room renovation

$56,550 needed


Low air loss mattress & pressure guard 

$14,415 needed


Four gerichairs

$14,280 needed

Stroke Strategy

Sit to Stand Patient Lift

Sit to stand patient lift

$9,000 needed.

Mental Health

Mental Health Beds

24 Mental Health appropriate beds 

$136,680 needed.

Inpatient Mental Health Supports

Priority intiative – Metal Health Inpatient supports

$400,000 needed.


Dialysis Recliners

Electric recliners to replace existing non-reclining chairs.

$18,500 needed

Medication Refrigerator

Pharmacy grade medication fridge

$9,250 needed

Ambulatory & Emergency Care

Patient Chair

UDS Patient chair



Ompi sensera microscope


Handheld Tonometer

Handheld tonometer



4 Recliners to replace existing Emergency room chairs


Surgical & Operating Room

Portable Patient Lift

 $12,000 needed

Erbe Argon Unit

 $60,000 needed

Erbe Cryo Probe

Erbe cryo probe upgrade for bronchs 

$12,000 needed

Roaming Scope

Roaming scope

$93,940 needed

Mini Arm-C

$150,000 needed

Operating Room Table

Hana OR Table


Syringe Pumps


POC HGB Device


Laryngoscope Set


Ostek Small Power Set


PK Resection Set/Telescopes


Long Nephroscope


X-Ray Sensor

Handy x-ray sensor


Instrument Tracking


Low Temp Sterilizer

Small low temp sterilizer sterad


All GBHS Hospitals

ECG Carts

20 ECG Cart replacements


Other Needs

Staff Training

The Foundation provides funding each year for the education and training of staff directly involved in patient care. The funds are administered by the Human Resources Department.

$25,000 needed

Code Blue Child Maikin

$18,642 needed

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