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Carolyn and Robert R.

"After my hip replacement in October, staff and nurses were the best. Thank-you!"

John V

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We need your help for the purchase of vital equipment

2020 Christmas Wish List


Our hospital needs to buy a new advanced surgical table and we need your help to do it.

But this isn’t just any surgical table. It’s a state-of-the-art, multifunctional, surgical table with a swivel arm that allows us to take high quality, crystal clear, x-ray images, in real time, during surgery. And every year thousands of patients from our community will benefit.

Patients like the 39-year old father of three  that arrived at our Emergency Department in severe pain suffering from

kidney stones I recently cared for. Or a new mom suffering from incontinence and urinary problems. Or a patient with bladder cancer.

Every year, countless patients like these require surgery, but our current surgical table is nearing the end-of-its-life. And we urgently need your support today to purchase a new advanced surgical table before the end of the year to keep up with the growing need.

With your support, this new technology will greatly improve patient treatment and care. Offering unrestricted patient access from all sides, the table can be easily maneuvered to take extremely targeted images, resulting in less radiation exposure, faster treatment and better surgical outcomes.

Plus, this new table also provides video urodynamics, a highly sophisticated new technology, that enables our surgeons to more accurately diagnosis and treat highly complex cases.

I hope you will be a Guardian Angel by helping us raise the $1.5 million needed to purchase this new table and complete the needed renovations to meet standards for radiation protection from x-ray equipment.

With the busy holiday season quickly approaching, your gift today will make a critical difference.

Your generous support ensures that we have a well-equipped hospital.

Many people don’t realize that while the government funds the operation of hospitals, the government provides very little for new equipment. We must rely on the continued support of the community that we serve to have a well-equipment hospital.

Once again, thank you for your support. This past year COVID-19 has challenged our healthcare system and our world like never before, but we are stronger together.

And we would be deeply grateful for any gift that you are able to give, as this holiday season, a new advanced surgical table is the # 1 item on our wish list and we urgently need your continued support today.

Yours truly,

Dr. Kyle Lehmann
Grey Bruce Health Services

P.S. You can help ensure thousands of  patients get the best care possible by  supporting our Guardian Angel Campaign.

Thank you! Every gift is urgently needed and greatly appreciated!

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