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Current Needs:

Cardiac Stress Testing Equipment

Your support can turn lifechanging moments into lifesaving moments.

Life can change in a heartbeat

That’s my personal motto. In my 35+ years working in the Cardiology Department at Grey Bruce Health, I’ve seen just how true that is. It’s also what inspires me to make every moment count. If you or a loved one has ever faced a difficult diagnosis or needed urgent care, you know exactly what I mean.

Unfortunately, medical equipment doesn’t last forever. Older technology becomes obsolete and costly—or impossible—to repair. Right now, we urgently need to replace two cardiac stress testing systems to ensure we can continue to deliver excellent patient care when anyone in our region needs it.

If you’ve ever had cardiac testing, you might be familiar with these treadmill-based cardiac stress testing systems. They provide a non-invasive way to help determine a patient’s heart health and indicate if they need further tests or procedures, immediately or in the future.

Our current units have now reached the end of their lifecycles and can no longer be repaired, so if anything goes wrong with them we’ll lose this vital diagnostic tool. As our population ages and more people are experiencing cardiac events than ever before, we can’t risk not having access to these tests here at our regional hospital.

There’s simply no time to waste to replace our cardiac stress test units. Our patients need them now. Together, these units will cost $150,000.

Can we count on your support today to ensure the best diagnostics and care are always available to patients when they need them?

Life-changing moments can happen to anyone, at any time, in a heartbeat. The best thing we can do to help our loved ones and neighbours is to stay prepared with the best equipment and care close to home. Please give as generously as you can today.

With gratitude for your caring support

Barb Harron, Manager of Cardiology and Medical Imaging

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Turn Life-Changing Moments
Into Lifesaving Moments

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