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Current Needs:

Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring

Vital Signs Monitoring System

As our body’s most important vital sign, our heart rate can tell us a lot about our health. Sometimes even a small change in the heartbeat can be a signal of something serious and, possibly, life-threatening if left untreated.

Every day, we admit patients with serious health conditions that require them to undergo heart monitoring while in the hospital. This important assessment tells our physicians and nursing staff how the patient is doing, what treatment or medication the patient may need and whether they should be transferred to a higher level of care.

We urgently need a cardiac telemetry monitoring system for our Medicine Unit at Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

I hope you will consider supporting this important fundraising initiative by sending a gift today. It’s only with the generous support of our community and donors like you that we can purchase much-needed medical technology that enables us to provide the very best care to all our patients.

Your gift today will give us the tools we need to monitor patients’ hearts, plan treatment and get them the right care.

The telemetry system is used to provide constant and safe monitoring of a patient’s heart rhythm and rate. The units we plan to purchase are portable so patients can move around freely while continuously being monitored by our staff. The equipment will benefit patients with a wide range of conditions – those with heart problems and chest pain, patients recovering from major surgery or trauma, patients with abnormal heart rhythms and pacemakers, those who need the most intensive monitoring, as well as those who are on their way to recovery.

We need to raise $90,000 to purchase four brand new telemetry units and monitors, ensuring every patient has access to this essential cardiac monitoring equipment when they need it.

As Director of Medicine and Oncology, I can tell you that technology like the telemetry system plays a critical role in patient care, helping our staff monitor patients’ cardiac conditions, make decisions and prescribe the right medical treatment.

By sending a donation, you can play a part in helping to bring the cardiac telemetry monitoring system to your local hospital.

Having this technology available in the Medicine Unit will ensure that patients who are considered high risk are supported with state-of-the-art cardiac assessment and will further enhance our ability to get patients to the right team, treatments and technology.

When the monitor detects abnormal heart activity, the staff is immediately alerted and can take appropriate action. This can include adjusting the patient’s medication, ordering additional tests and assessments, or moving the patient to the Critical Care Unit where they can be given the treatment they need.

As you can see, the cardiac telemetry system is used in the care of patients with various conditions and is an essential tool for our medical staff. But it’s also very expensive. The only way we can acquire new equipment is with your help.

Will you please send a donation today? Your gift will help to bring this specialized and essential technology to your regional hospital and ensure that you, your family and neighbours have the highest quality of care available should you ever need it.

I urge you to send your gift today so we can have the new telemetry system up and running as soon as possible.


Martha Richards

Director of Medicine and Oncology

Owen Sound Regional Hospital

P.S. When it’s a matter of the heart, we need the best monitoring equipment. Please give today to bring the cardiac telemetry system to Owen Sound Regional Hospital. Thank you.

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