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Current Needs:

Laboratory – Chemistry Analyzer

A Diagnostic Tool

You’ve probably had one at some time in your life. A routine blood test.

It’s one of the most common and, often, one of the first tests a doctor will order when assessing a patient’s health.

My name is Dr. Ardit Deliallisi and I’m Chief of the Department of Pathology at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital. At our medical laboratory, we process over half a million blood samples every year. More than 1,000 per day.

To do so, we use what’s called the chemistry analyzer. This diagnostic tool provides a fast and precise analysis of blood specimens and is used for many things, including testing liver, kidney and heart function. It’s also used to detect blood glucose levels, a critical test used in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

Perhaps one of the most critical roles the chemistry analyzer has is in emergency situations. When patients come to the emergency department complaining of chest pain, right away we run a battery of tests. This includes checking if the levels of troponin in the blood are elevated, which can indicate a heart attack. When diagnosing a potentially fatal disease, accuracy and timing are everything.

No matter what the blood tests reveal, one thing is critical – that the results are accurate. Having the right information about what’s happening in the patient’s body enables us to make the right diagnosis and provide prompt treatment, ultimately ensuring better outcomes.

I’m writing to you because we need your help to raise more than $500,000 for a new chemistry analyzer.

I know that having high quality health care in our community is important to you. The generosity of donors like you has helped to equip our hospital with many indispensable diagnostic tools, like a new microscope, portable ultrasound machine and cryobiopsy kit. We need the support of our community once again to purchase a new chemistry analyzer and ensure our lab has the best technology to provide quick and accurate results for patients.

The machine we currently use is more than 12 years old and urgently needs to be replaced with newer technology that has more advanced capabilities and provides better accuracy and increased testing speed.

The laboratory touches almost every aspect of patient care and constitutes a critical centre for the functioning of the hospital. It’s one of the most vital services as it serves not only patients who come to the hospital, but countless others in our region. Every day, our lab technicians analyze blood specimens from admitted patients, the emergency department, as well as other medical facilities and clinics throughout the Grey-Bruce region.

The chemistry analyzer is used around the clock – every hour of every day, 365 days of the year.

For patients experiencing a health emergency, those undergoing long term treatment at the hospital, even people in the community having a blood test at their local clinic, the chemistry analyzer at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital is essential.

That’s why replacing the aging unit is one of our top priorities. But we can’t do it without you. To continue to provide accurate diagnosis and quality care to people in our community, we depend on the support of people like you – donors who know and care about our hospital.

Every year, thousands of patients receive excellent care at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital. Strong community support is what makes this kind of care possible. It’s what helps us acquire new, state-of-the-art technology, greatly improving the lives of our patients.

I hope we can count on you to help us with this important purchase that will enable us to maintain a high standard of local care for the people who call Grey-Bruce their home.

With my sincere gratitude,

Dr. Ardit Deliallisi

Chief, Department of Pathology
Owen Sound Regional Hospital

P.S.  Please give today to help bring a new chemistry analyzer to the Owen Sound Regional Hospital and ensure everyone in our community has access to fast and accurate diagnosis. Thank you for your support.

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