"The hospital has been there for my family and I want it to be there for many more."

Carolyn and Robert R.

"After my hip replacement in October, staff and nurses were the best. Thank-you!"

John V

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We need your help for the purchase of vital equipment

Breathing without effort is something we take for granted.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, stories about patients requiring help to breathe have been frequent. But the truth is ventilators are critical pieces of equipment for patient care every day of the year, for breathing problems that can accompany a variety of medical conditions.

Each breath is a gift of nature.

Imagine every breath being a struggle due to chronic illness, brain injury, pneumonia, stroke – or any other condition where there is a need to assist breathing and protect the lungs.

Recently, Mr. Jones*, a 74-year-old gentleman, arrived in our emergency room with sudden onset severe abdominal pain. Several tests done in the Emergency Room led to a diagnosis of a perforated bowel and Mr. Jones underwent emergency surgery. Post operatively, he was very sick due to sepsis, and suffering from multi-organ failure.

Mr. Jones was placed on a ventilator to support his respiratory system and put on many medications to fight off infection and support his blood pressure. After ten days, Mr. Jones had recovered enough to have the breathing tube removed and, on day ten, he was transferred to a general medicine unit where he spent the next two weeks recovering with the help of the entire healthcare team.

Our existing ventilators need urgent replacement.

The ventilators currently in use in the ICU at Owen Sound Regional Hospital support all patient populations throughout Grey Bruce Health Services. These machines have exceeded their normal life expectancy and will no longer be supported as of 2023. In fact, one is currently beyond repair. Without this critical equipment available in our ICU, GBHS patients requiring mechanical ventilation would need to be transferred to London.

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With gratitude,

Kim Maas-O’Hearn, Director of Medicine & Oncology

*Name changed to protect patient privacy.

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