"The hospital has been there for my family and I want it to be there for many more."

Carolyn and Robert R.

"After my hip replacement in October, staff and nurses were the best. Thank-you!"

John V

Current Needs:

Surgical Scopes

Bronchoscope, Nephroscope, Pandendoscope and more.

These days, a family vehicle with the latest safety features and technology, including rear-view camera, side sensors, Bluetooth and more, can easily cost $30,000 to $45,000.

Compared to critical surgical tools, the price is where the similarities end.

While the average family in Grey and Bruce Counties relies on its car, van or SUV as a safe, convenient mode of transportation to work, school, shopping and other destinations, its role is neither life-alternating nor lifesaving. It cannot diagnose illness, perform biopsies, nor play a key role in the treatment of medical conditions.

The surgical team here at Owen Sound Regional Hospital depends on a variety of critical – and expensive – scopes for diagnoses, biopsies, and treatment, all of which have video to enable surgeons to visualize procedures in high definition. The total cost of the scopes on our list of critical needs is $139,000.

As the Chief of Surgery here at Owen Sound Regional Hospital, I see first-hand the day-to-day needs of our programs and the continuing evolution of diagnostic and treatment tools. More and more procedures which, at one time, would have required invasive surgery, are now carried out with state-of-the art non-invasive tools, resulting in faster diagnosis and treatment and improved experiences for patients.

But these tools are very costly and, because the government funds very little towards the purchase of medical equipment, we must rely on the generosity of our community to ensure we have the tools we need in circumstances such as:

• A loved one has inhaled a foreign object which is partially blocking an airway. A bronchoscope made of flexible fiber-optic material, with a light source and camera on the end, can be threaded through the nose or mouth and down the throat to locate and remove the object. The cost of one bronchoscope is $32,000.

• A patient in extreme pain with suspected kidney stones undergoes a nephroscopy. The procedure examines the inside of the kidneys with this small instrument which confirms the doctor’s suspicions. The stone is extracted, along with additional stone fragments. The cost of one nephroscope is $12,000.

• A patient with a persistent hoarseness and sore throat undergoes a pandendoscopy, a procedure which examines the upper trachea and esophagus, resulting in the identification of a tumour on the vocal cords. The cost of one pandendoscope is $25,000.

In addition to these three critical scopes, we also need to purchase a colposcope upgrade, used in gynecology to examine the cervix. This upgrade for increased video capability will cost $25,000. And the C-Mac laryngoscope, used to open airways when patients have difficulty breathing, comes with a price tag of $45,000.

Having the latest equipment available at our regional community hospital means that you and your loved ones do not have to travel far to undergo routine diagnostic procedures. You can get them done right here, close to home. And, you can have peace of mind that when you need answers, you will be able to get fast and accurate diagnoses at Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Every year, thousands of patients receive excellent care at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital. Strong community support is what makes this kind of care possible. It’s what helps us acquire state-of-the-art technology, greatly improving the lives of our patients.

We can’t do it alone.

To continue to provide accurate diagnosis and quality care to people in our community, we depend on the support of people like you.

Please give today. Your donation will ensure that we have the best tools to continue doing amazing, lifesaving work.

With gratitude,

Dr. Ingrid Savasi
Chief of Surgery
Owen Sound Regional Hospital

P.S. I hope we can count on you to help us with this important purchase that will enable us to maintain a high standard of local care for the people who call Grey-Bruce their home. Thank you.

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