"The hospital has been there for my family and I want it to be there for many more."

Carolyn and Robert R.

"After my hip replacement in October, staff and nurses were the best. Thank-you!"

John V

Current Needs:

New MRI System

  • $4.7 million RAISED!  Thank you to all who contributed!

  • Existing machines nearing end-of-life and must be replaced
  • More than 11,000 tests are performed annual at the hospital each year

A New MRI Means Better Patient Care!

“MRI produces wonderful, three dimensional, volumetric imaging of any structure in the body we want,” says Dr. Colin McIver.

“The machine we have was state of the art 14 years ago – but it no longer is. The spatial resolution available on modern machines is far superior to what we currently have. We are no longer able to image patients over 300 lbs as the table is no longer able to deal with them.”

Many of our complex care patients go on to London for treatment. If we don’t match the technology and spatial resolution of MRI currently available in London, then those specialists will not accept scans on patients from Grey Bruce.

“I hope that our community will support this project as they have many others for us in the past. Your support enables us to provide the people of Grey Bruce with the very best medical imaging available – close to home. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Dr. Colin McIver is Chief of Medical Imaging at Grey Bruce Health Services.

For more information about this project, please visit www.gbhsMRI.ca.


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