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  • GBHS uses an estensive capital process to prioritize needs
  • Only the highest priorities receive funding
  • Government funds less than 10% of medical equipment
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Needs for 2018/19

Equipment plays a critical role at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital. It allows doctors, nurses and technical staff to offer the latest in tests and procedures to patients from across the region. Having services available here can make a lifesaving difference! A well-equipped Hospital also saves patients from having to travel to larger centers for medical care, and it helps us to recruit and keep doctors and other medical professionals here.

Women & Childcare

Placeholder imageModerate jaundice is treated with bright bluish coloured lights called phototherapy. These lights break down the bilirubin in the skin and make jaundice fade.

$7,500 needed


Placeholder imageThe hospital's team of 5 Pathologists work in the Lab to diagnose cancer and other disease. Much of their time is spent viewing biopsy slides under the microscope. These replace aging equipment.

$75,000 needed for 3 microscopes

Placeholder imageThis equipment is used to prepare biopsy samples for examination under the microscope. It removes all water from the sample. This equipment replaces a unit that is end of life.

$80,000 needed

Placeholder imageThis critical piece of equipment is used to store blood, blood products and reagents for the transfusion medicine program. Very strict standards are applied to the storage of blood and blood products. Temperatures are closely controlled and charted. Alarms alert staff if parameters are out of range.

$12,000 needed

Diagnostic Imaging

Placeholder imageAbnormal heart rythmns can come and go. Patients wear a loop recorder home and go about their normal routine turning the recorder on as symptoms begin.

$22,000 needed for 15 recorders

Placeholder imageAn electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to detect abnormalities related to electrical activity of the brain to diagnose conditions such as epilepsy. This procedure tracks and records brain wave patterns. Electrodes are placed on the scalp, and then send signals to a computer to record the results. A second unit is needed to help meet increased demand for this testing.

$14,000 needed

Placeholder imageLocated right in the Ultrasound clinic, this equipment cleans and sterilizes ultrasound probes between tests. Cleaning takes just 7 minutes and uses no harmful chemicals.

$50,000 needed for 2 units


Placeholder imageThese computerized, networked storage and dispensing units store up to 300 different kinds of medication right in the nursing unit. This allows nursing staff to have faster access to patient meds. The units connect directly with patient records and provide excellent security and control over dangerous medications. This technology speeds treatment and enhances patient safety.

$320,000 needed

Placeholder imageIV and pain pumps used throughout the hospital are being upgraded to “smart pump” technology. New units are more accurate and feature software that helps prevent medication errors. This year, new pumps will be introduced across all nursing units, replacing equipment that is at the end of its service life.

$1.2 million needed

Operating Rooms

Placeholder imageThree new video scopes are needed for use during general surgery. New scopes offer HD video quality, meaning smoother, clearer images for surgeons and staff to view during procedures.

$54,000 needed for 3 scopes

Ambulatory Care

Placeholder imageA visual field analyser is used to diagnose and monitor patients with glaucoma or neurological problems. It will replace a unit that has been in service for more than 18 years.

$25,000 needed



Placeholder imageThe physio gym on 6.2 Medicine needs a NuStep machine. This equipment provides stroke/medicine patients with a low impact, total body workout to build strength and improve overall fitness. The swivel seat enables almost any patient to benefit from the machine.

$6,500 needed

Rehabilitation & Restorative Care 8.1

Placeholder imageThis device is worn by stroke patients on affected arms or legs to electrically stimulate muscles. It is used in treating a stroke symptom called "drop foot", helping to regain as much use as possible. Bioness devices also help patients get a full 3 hours of therapy time in while in hospital.

$24,000 needed

All GBHS Hospitals

Placeholder imageThis year, needs include a stretcher with weigh scale, 5 bassinettes for the Women & Child Care Unit, and an ICU bed.  Funds remaining will be spent on new hi/low hospital beds needed throughout the hospital.

$229,000 needed for Owen Sound


Placeholder imageUsed in their day to day rounds by nurses, new portable vital signs monitors and bladder scanners are needed to replace aging equipment throughout the hospital.

$12,000 needed for Owen Sound


New furniture is needed throughout the hospital to replace aging or broken items such as waiting room chairs, geriatric chairs, wheelchairs and more.

$102,600 needed for Owen Sound

Other Needs

The Foundation provides funding each year for the education and training of staff directly involved in patient care. The funds are administered by the Human Resources Department.


$25,000 needed

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