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  • a cryobiopsy kit used to obtain a small sample of bronchial tissue for examination.
  • four brand new rhinolaryngoscopes, one of the most frequently used tools in our operating rooms.


When you’ve been working in the medical profession for as long as I have, you get to witness some pretty amazing things.

A car accident victim moments away from death is saved by emergency surgery. A patient getting a second chance at life thanks to a successful heart transplant. Early diagnoses that lead to better outcomes and countless lives saved all because of breakthrough treatments and advances in medical technology.

I am proud to say that at Owen Sound Regional Hospital we have a strong surgical department – one of the best I’ve seen in my many years of practice. As Chief of Staff of Surgery, I see every day the amazing, lifesaving work that our team does. Of course, none of it would be possible if we didn’t have the very best medical tools and equipment.

That’s why I’m writing to you today. First, to say thank you for your past generosity which has made a tremendous difference to the care we are able to provide at Owen Sound Regional Hospital. And, secondly, to ask for your help in purchasing two very important pieces of equipment that are used in the surgical department to diagnose patients and save lives.

One of these is a cryobiopsy kit used to obtain a small sample of bronchial tissue for examination. This procedure uses a method of freezing to collect tissue and is a less invasive alternative to surgical lung biopsy.

Unlike traditional lung biopsy where the collected tissue is not bigger than a grain of rice, cryobiopsy yields a much larger specimen that is closer in size to a kidney bean. Having a larger and better piece of tissue to look at under a microscope means better and more accurate diagnosis. 

The benefits to patients are significant. Rather than undergoing open biopsy which requires the patient to be put to sleep and undergo incision, cryobiopsy is minimally invasive and can often be done in less than 30 minutes. The patient can go home the same day instead of staying at the hospital and taking days, sometimes weeks, to fully recover.

I’m very excited that we are making this cutting-edge technology available to people in our region and hope that we can count on your support.  

For many patients, fast, accurate diagnosis can make a life changing difference. Having specialized diagnostic tools at our local hospital means that doctors can get the answers they need quickly and start patients on treatment sooner.

The gift you send today will also go toward the purchase of four brand new rhinolaryngoscopes, one of the most frequently used tools in our operating rooms. The ones we currently have are more than 10 years old and need to be replaced with more advanced technology.

These flexible fibre optic tubes have a tiny light and camera built in that helps surgeons visualize the inside of the patient’s upper airways. It’s a quick and painless procedure that can detect infections, abnormalities of the vocal cords, uncover foreign objects and even diagnose cancer of the throat. With so many different applications, rhinolaryngoscopes are an essential tool that our staff simply can’t do without.

As a donor, you likely know that we rely almost entirely on donated funds to purchase new and replacement equipment. Together, the cryobiopsy kit and four rhinolaryngoscopes cost more than $100,000, which is why I hope you’ll send a donation today.   

Having the latest equipment available at our community hospital means that you and your loved ones don’t have to travel far to undergo routine diagnostic procedures. You can get them done right here, close to home. And you can have peace of mind that when you need answers, you will be able to get fast and accurate diagnosis at Owen Sound Regional Hospital. 

Please give today. Your donation will ensure that we have the best tools to continue doing amazing, lifesaving work. I hope we’ll hear from you soon.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Scott Milencoff

Chief of Staff of Surgery

Owen Sound Regional Hospital


P.S. If you want the right care, right here for you, your loved ones and people in your community, please take a moment right now to send your gift in support of Owen Sound Regional Hospital. You will make a positive difference in the lives of the thousands of patients who come to our hospital every year. Thank you.







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