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  • To keep up with demand, a second unit is urgently needed
  • Ultrasound can detect potentially life threatening conditions
  • $60,000 is needed for a new portable ultrasound machine
  • Help us purchase this machine and other high priority equipment

Have you ever visited the emergency department or know someone who has? If so, you know how stressful and scary this experience can be. And how urgent it is for doctors to answer the one question every patient has – what’s wrong with me? 

Every day, Owen Sound Regional Hospital’s emergency department admits patients with every imaginable ailment – from car collision victims who have suffered horrific injuries, to pregnant women experiencing abdominal pain, to elderly persons with shortness of breath.  

Whatever the condition may be, assessing and diagnosing the patient quickly and accurately is critically important. To do so, our medical staff relies on a number of specialized diagnostic tools. One of these is a bedside portable ultrasound, a new gold standard in emergency care.

In an emergency situation, where seconds can make a lifesaving difference, a portable ultrasound can quickly provide the answers that physicians need to prescribe the right treatment. It can help detect internal bleeding or potentially life-threatening heart disease, uncover ectopic pregnancy and kidney stones, as well as guide resuscitation and monitor the critically ill.

With so many applications, anyone coming into our Emergency Department might need an ultrasound scan.

To keep up with the high demand for this diagnostic tool, we urgently need a second portable ultrasound machine in our Emergency Department.   

That’s why I’m writing to you today, asking for your help to bring this absolutely essential diagnostic tool to our patients’ bedsides.

As Chief of Emergency Medicine at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital, I see every day how critical diagnostic equipment is put into action to save lives. And, I see the overwhelming joy and relief of those whose loved ones get to go home with them.

Donations from generous people in the community help us purchase the equipment and technology that ensure we’re ready to meet the needs of our patients. I know you can appreciate the value of a brand new ultrasound and what a difference it can make to patient care, which is why I urge you to join our family of supporters and send a special gift right now.

The one ultrasound machine that we currently have is simply not enough.

Our Emergency Department is very busy. We have more than 35,000 visits each year – that’s about 100 patients who need to be triaged, diagnosed and rapidly treated every single day.  

At any given moment, we could have multiple patients who need to be immediately examined using an ultrasound machine. Sometimes a bedside ultrasound is the only option for injured patients who are too ill to be transported to other imaging equipment or whose condition is so critical that decisions in their care need to be made in seconds to minutes.

In situations like these, having a second ultrasound machine in the Emergency Department would make an incredible difference. What’s more, the new machine comes with more advanced features and functionalities, like the cardiac probe.

This specialized probe is specifically used to assess patients with chest pain, shortness of breath and other heart symptoms. Having this machine at hand means we don’t have to lose precious minutes taking patients to a different part of the hospital for a heart scan. Instead, the ultrasound can be brought right to their bedside and the scan performed in a few short minutes!

As you can see, the benefits of having a second and more advanced ultrasound machine in our Emergency Department are numerous. Can I count on your support today to help us purchase this important piece of equipment, along with other items that are currently high on our priority list?

The cost of the new ultrasound machine is $60,000. This is a significant investment and one that we can only make with your help.

Please take a moment to send a generous gift today. Every dollar that you give will directly impact patient care and ensure that the Owen Sound Regional Hospital continues to be there for you, your loved ones and your neighbors when you most need us.    

Yours truly,

Dr. Sunil Mehta
Chief of Emergency Medicine 
Owen Sound Regional Hospital



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