Urgent Needs:

Our Urgent Needs

  • GBHS has an extensive capital process to establish top priorities
  • Only the highest priority equipment receives funding
  • Government provides less than 10% of funds needed for equipment
  • Community support is critical to keeping our hospital well equipped

Your Giving

Each year the Foundation's role in raising funds for medical & diagnostic equipment grows in importance. We work tirelessly to help the Owen Sound Regional Hospital be the best hospital it can be for you, your family and friends.

Canadian governments can no longer afford to pay for all the health care services, facilities and technology we require. Our hospital's success in specialist physician recruitment is partly due to the funds raised by the Foundation. These funds help specialists do their best medical work because we’ve provided the best equipment possible.

The Foundation and hospital rely on community support to purchase new and replacement medical equipment, staying current with rapidly advancing technology.

We do not raise funds for “extras”. Every piece of equipment we fund is a necessity. And there is one more necessity - a strong partnership with our community. Individuals, corporations, charitable foundations, community organizations and others have a major stake in providing the best possible health care close to home.

The more help you can provide to the Foundation, the more we can help to make this possible. Please join us in our work to fund “Miracles on 8th Street”.

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